So usually we run across Youtube skimming through random stuff and hope to find some cool things to share. It could be something viral, techie, artistic, I mean… whatever it may be really.

(Do you know you have cool material to share? Then we’ll watch it also, drop us a message you could be featured!). With that being said, we stumbled across a ‘new school competition’, and this artist, Brian Ashing shows us some of his work in this – can I say – amazing video that serves a bit of techno teas.

Trinidadian artist Brian Ashing has entered a global competition with the hopes of winning a full tuition scholarship from the prestigious Parsons, The New School for Design, in New York. If you’ve ever viewed any of Brian’s pieces, you’d know that his dream of becoming a successful artist is quite promising.
As part of his contest entry, Brian has created a video in which he delivers a blend of art and music, talking about his passion for creativity and what makes his a multifaceted artist.

On this short journey through his imagination, his illustrations grasp our attention throughout the short video while he speaks about his developments so far as an artist what it means to be “New School”. The video closes with the artist stating, “Being ‘New School’ means I’m ever changing and I adapt to change. Thus, my journey as an artist is never ending”. Basically he hates old people.

Now’s your chance to help Brian’s dream come true.
Simply visit the YouTube link and give the video a thumbs up so that he can qualify as a Top 20 finalist.

You can also get better acquainted with his pieces by visiting his Facebook page “The Art of Brian Ashing”.