Another WWDC keynote has ended and as such apple has blessed us iOS 10 which would be coming in late fall 2016.

Here are some of the most notable and welcomed features in iOS 10.

1.Build-In Apps Removable. This is quite the welcomed feature as not everyone wants to use Apple Maps or the Compass app. Am i right? In the event you want back a app,you can easily install it back on the App Store.

Apple has detailed how this works and instead of being able to delete any stock app you are instead hiding the actual app and not relieving space. Bummer!

removbable apps








iMessage  has been significantly  improved in iOS with with a better visual emoji’s selection. Words can also be replaced with emoji’s. You can also add bubble effects as well. Another feature introduced in iMessage is called Invisible Ink which lets you send a hidden text or photo to the recipient by which they have to swipe in the correct order to decrypt. Lastly any URL inputted into Messages will show a live preview.

iMessage Demo



iOS 10 Emoji













3. Apple Music,Apple Maps, Photos have been updated.

Apple Music











Apple Music : Will have a  new, simpler interface makes the music king, implicitly acknowledging that the old UI was a tiny bit convoluted. The tabs at the bottom appear unchanged: Library, For You, Browse, Radio, Search. Lyrics are also being added in the new version of Music.

Apple Photo : Improved memories tab that has your photos based on facial recognition.











Apple Maps : Maps will offer nearby restaurant suggestions and its redesigned look is extending to navigation: the UI is cleaner and includes traffic information. If there’s a lot of traffic ahead, Maps will proactively offer you an alternative route and note how much time it would save.


More on iOS 10 Features hit the link below.