See Magneto, Iron Man, Gandalf, Superman, Spider-Man, Space Ghost, Mario, Hermione Granger, a Jedi Master and others in an epic game of soccer.

Place a bunch of superheroes and villains on a soccer field and you would be the one trying to save the world.

With all the powers being used, the ball must have indestructible powers. LOL


The comic book and movie characters shown in “Super Hero Soccer” by Ronnie Street Stunts has really awesome skills. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the team???

The stunt actors for the viral video include Ronnie Shalvis, Chris Romrell, Braxton McAllister, Michaela Chernoch and Benjamin Phillips, as well as actors Nate Bonham and Vinelord. The vid was produced by Four32 Productions with VFX by Dark Pixel.

Here is the reaction of the coach during the epic match


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