Two Trinidadian Police Officers have done the unthinkable. A disabled man was in his wheelchair when a female uniformed officer and a male plainclothes officer were caught on camera, slamming the disabled man in a wheelchair into a car on the street.

The two officers proceeded to slap, punch, verbally abuse, and push the helpless man, while in his wheelchair in the middle of the street.

The video below, apparently recorded by Facebook user Freedom, was spreading on the social media site with mixed emotions among the comments.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with people? Better yet, police officers? Aren’t these people supposed to protect and serve the residents of Trinidad and Tobago?

Some dumbass woman can be heard in the background of the recording too, inciting that the man is able to walk and came to the streets for no reason.

“He probably can walk enuh, but he polly come out here and sit in wheel chair an an ting dey peepul”.

We aren’t sure what the outcome of this scene was, and what was the cause of them attacking this obviously weaponless man, but this is a cry for the regulation of our law and the police system.