“I’m still standing as tall and as strong as I did before reading it.”


As you guys know, Rachel Price got an entire 500 ml bottle of medicine shoved down her throat Thursday 28th January. What you should know now, is that she responded!!! Time to start with the sipping y’all.

I must say, her response was not the “sexually crass and explicit response” that most of us, especially Smith expected. Rather, it was quite tame and “holy”, if I do say so myself.

Price stated, “I’m still I’m still smiling, grinning broadly in the face of all.” Rather…mature… *sips tea*

In all this “maturity “, Price still was not afraid to come forth with the insult, calling Smith bitter and a “coward”  for hiding behind a fake profile. Price still tall and proud in spite of all of Smith’s words refusing to be shamed by them. She herself wasn’t afraid to share some of her own truths that Smith had left out in her rant, that is, the full name of Price’s ‘baby daddy’.

Price didn’t seem upset at all by  Smith’s post but rather she was quite amused by it.  However, she was quick to pose what seemed on the verge of a ‘threat’ to Smith saying, “pray that later I don’t see or hear her crying.”

At the end of it all, according to Price, her secrets are her and God. She said what she had to say and buss it. But of course, you can’t be  Rachel Price without letting one profanity slip. And it’s humorous that this came just before she decided to “bless”  the 180,00 followers.



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