Boy oh boy, Phones have come a long way since 20 years ago but even before Apple amazed the world with the iPhone here are some phones that we used to adore that were known for being simple, durable and long battery life.









1.Nokia 3310

A phone knows for its durability back in 2000, where you can throw it anywhere and the phone would not receive a single scratch as compared to phones these days. This gem sold over 126 million worldwide, had features such as calculator, reminder function, stop watch which were not seen in phones in that time. The battery life was out of this world with 260 hours of standby time and you didn’t even need a screen protector. Also one of the reasons we loved this phone was for the games, being Snake, OH the nostalgia.


Nokia 3310








2.Motorola RAZR

Back in 2004, this was the phone to have with its slim design (.55”thick) and flip capabilities. As the got phone got more and more popular Motorola decided to add more colors to the phone. This phone had an external screen which displayed notifications of incoming calls, text messages, missed calls and the time.

Motorola Razr






3.Blackberry Curve 8830

This lovely device had a 2.5” colour display with 320 x240 pixel display. The device had a 64mb storage (very small by today’s standards), SD card and a 1400mAh which could last you some days depending on your usage. Back then blackberries were more known for its QWERTY keyboard being highly favored by Business users.

Blackerry 8830








4.LG Chocolate

Not much to say about this phone other than it was high in demand due to its name.

LG Chocolate













5.Motorola V60

This lovely phone had a swivel design that look liked it came from the 1980’s however the design made this phone unique and popular.

Motorola v70













Of course there are hundreds of other phones but those stated above are the main ones that were popular around the world. Do you still have any of those old phones laying around or found recently? Let us know in the comments.

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