Rumours have been swirling for a couple weeks now about RihCaprio being an item, so congrats fans of the couple, they’re obviously having sex with eachother…. Or atleast they stand in rooms together. Rihanna and Leonardo were spotted standing side by side at Rihanna’s birthday party THROWN BY LEO (allegedly) and this is just more fuel to the fire of them actually dating.



A hawkeyed user on twitter posted the shot that shows a fuzzy looking man standing next to Rihanna, with that signature newsboy hat, who we know is Leo, because who else dresses like that but a man in his midlife crisis?

Im not one to question peoples thoughts on men, better yet, I am. Why is Rihanna dating leo? Is he nice? Is it because he’s rich? Does she love his money? Is his tummy just so cuddly she can’t help but want a bear-like creature to lay down on?

Rihanna drop us a line and tell us why you date Leonardo, please.