Topshop has been accused for selling t-shirts with Rihanna’s face plastered on their sleeveless jerseys in 2013. The Bajan model- singer sued Topshop’s parent company, Arcadia, for 5 million US Dollars and news is now out she’s won her case!

toposhop shirt bearing rhinos face

The Judge whom ruled the case in 2013, Mr. Justice Briss stated that customers would unfortunately have “false belief”… So basically this is just bad for Rihanna’s brand, having people think she approved those designs.

The shirts were released during Rihanna’s promotional run for her hit album “Talk that Talk” and it could come off as a part of her merchandise. For many people it could possibly be coming off as tacky, or serving tank top teas…whatever.

Mr. Briss said that it was “damaging to her goodwill” lol, and represented a loss of riri’s power in the “fashion sphere”.