Rihanna’s latest album; Anti was set for release by her record label since December 2015. Almost 3 weeks after her deadline it seems that RiRi has finally completed her album.

Rihanna listening to her album; 'Anti'
Rihanna listening to her album; ‘Anti’

This must come as a major relief to her record label considering all the problems that were faced during the productions of this album.

With the Anti tour dates already out in December and no album Rihanna was pressured into presenting her album. With it finally being released mere weeks before her first tour date.

It was said that her Relationship with Travis Scott also proved to be a problem for her new album. It was said that he may have caused the album to lose major direction, making people on Rihanna’s team to question his decisions.

The album was causing so much trouble that executive producer (at the time), Kanye West , dropped himself from the album two weeks ago.

Kanye West’s Rant

With Kanye’s above twitter rant, being allegedly about Rihanna. This was as it came at the heels of him dropping her. Leaving her new Executive produce to announce simply: “Project Done.”

Regardless of these problems, Queen Riri’s album is finally completed and Hopefully her Navy will get a taste of what’s to come for her tour pretty soon.

For those of you in love with Rihanna’s Dolce and Gabanna headphones that maybe you can afford it. If you have $8,995 USD.

Rihanna- Dolce-Gabanna

That’s right, Rihanna’s gorgeous new headphones is worth over 40,000 TT. Does that make you question your life, because it makes me question mine.


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