Rihanna’s album leaks

Rihanna’s album leaks [Updated]


Anti, Rihanna’s R8 leaked briefly today on Jay-z’s site, Tidal. It was said that it leaked for approximately five (5) minutes before subsequently being removed from the site.
However some twitter users were able to get a hold of some her songs. For Example ‘Kiss It Better’, and ‘Consideration’.
This come at the heels of the album being completed mere days ago. It’s not certain what effect this will have on her album release which is set for mid February.

She Released her first single from the album today as well; ‘Work’ featuring Drake.
“Work” is already billboard #1 as well as having been trending since it’s release, on twitter. Her fans currently literally going insane over this songs release.
From what we’ve heard from the leaked songs thus far, they as well seem to be songs to appeal to the masses.
Will the rest of her album be worth the hype as well? Only Time will tell.

Until Then however, Stay tuned.

(via the local gossip girl). xoxo.

Your local gossip girl is back.

It seems that after the leak of her album Riri decided to give her Navy a gift. That being, the official release of her album. *claps mockingly*


For those fortunate enough to purchase this album, by all means enjoy. However, if you’re like moi, then we’ll be waiting till it’s all on youtube RiRi.

But keep making good stuff Anna, We’re watching.


~xoxo GG.