International dance hall and reggae artist Sean Paul has received a death threat prior to his scheduled performance at the new years eve concert in Maldives.  The two minute long video posted on the popular YouTube site has been gathering quite a stir among the public since it was posted on Christmas day. In the video – below- no faces can be seen but there is someone holding up the messages on cue cards which are then captioned.

    “Through beautiful painted pictures, songs and entertainment, our beloved society is led to destruction.”

“We are not suppose to celebrate western New Year and Valentines Day and the mixing of  such festivities into our culture will destroy the future for the Maldives and their children.” 

Watch for yourself:

 The viewers had alot to say about who or what was behind this video:

“This was just a political ploy to drag the name of Islam and Maldives through the mud.”

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. So immature.”

“People like you who are unable to face the fact that everywhere in this world – muslims are threatening non muslims with death.”

“Sean Paul will visit Maldives. He will perform!”

Sean Paul is yet to speak on the threat made against him but the real question is, will he perform?

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