The Talk – Rape Awareness and Sex Education

The Talk – Rape Awareness and Sex Education

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Would you believe me if I said that there boys who don’t know what Rape is, both offenders and non-offenders alike? Of course you would not agree with me; those bastards knew what they were doing was wrong! And that’s just it, that’s all they know. But how many of us have ever really had any formal serious discussion about what Rape really is and why is it wrong? We mostly teach our girls how to protect themselves from Rape but what do we teach our boys? What do we teach our children about Sex to begin with and how do we know what’s right to tell them?

Sure most of us have had “the talk” with our parents, but not all in the same way. Each of us might get different information depending on what kind of people our parents are. Everybody teaches sex differently.Sexedweek

For reals, everything I knew about sex ‘practically’ came from books. My father-son sex talk was more basically like how to fight off sexual predators. Seriously the ‘birds and the bees’ for me were more like the tutorial for Fable 2 where you beat the dummy with a stick. It was intense and genuine but the only thing that improved was my Buster sword swing or my lotus strike but nothing that would really to give me the idea of what sex really was.

And if you think that was obscure, think of the many youths out there who don’t receive any kind of teachings at all. And I turned to books for guidance but these kids might turn to the media, or their peers and that might lead to even more awkward sexual guidance.

So you thought that by not telling your kids about sex you would keep them innocent and holy? Wrong. Sex is everywhere and it’s best if the knowledge came from a responsible adult more than anything else.

Now having the talk with parents are good and all but remember when I said that they’re not always reliable, they might mean well but they might not even themselves have all the ideas in this ever-changing world of intercourse, and these are for the parents who actually attempt to teach their kids, but there are most out there who don’t get to have that kind of talk with any sort of family.

So why not teach it in schools? You know, as Sex Education?


Again, most of you might disagree arguing that it might give kids the wrong idea, which may lead to heightened curiosity, to act out these things and that it’s downright awkward and lewd. This job should remain for the parents to do. But I just gave two reasons why that might not always work. And it wouldn’t hurt for the kids who haven been instructed properly and there is always new information to be learned in this ever-changing world of intercourse.

Okay, so we’ve given youths today all the formal theological knowledge about the dirty stuff. They are equipped with their Buster Swords and Lotus Skills and ready to have sex (with consent and protection mind you). But that’s not what grown-ups may want. So what determines what they do with their knowledge? Sure boys know about consent and girls know how to protect themselves but if that’s all then nothing has really changed cause your kids will still be having sex even if it’s safer. So what are we to do? Just accept sexual activity among youths as normal in our ever-changing world of intercourse? Well we don’t have to entirely.

Sure knowledge and protection makes a big difference, but there are still some harmful things about sex that never changes with knowledge. In previous article on monogamy, I talked about how there are many different kinds of individuals in terms of their ability to have sexual relations. There might be some who can handle casual sex but there might be others who can’t. So how do we protect our youths, ourselves from something that is harmful to us on the emotional level?

Well it would help a great deal if parents and schools alike would continue teaching Sex Education, but from a moral and self perspective. Not just science anatomy and reproduction or “One condom for every math question answered correctly.”

This guy knows what's up
This guy knows what’s up

But the emotions and responsibilities that go along with it. Like doing it with someone you love or waiting till after you’re married or staying faithful to one sexual partner, all these could be included. Because sex is a powerful thing that can incite great inspiration for emotions and feelings and for the majority of the art and music in the world today, yes sex is a powerful thing, not just a means of pleasure but can be a developmental asset between a lover and oneself; Sexual Education and Development.


Fundamental, formal and emotional knowledge to equip us with weapons in order for us to advance in this ever developing world of love and intercourse.




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A lot of stick people this week.

This is another article that’s all over the place in terms of topic and opinion mostly because it’s a pretty big deal of a topic and there was so much things I wanted to cover.

Initially this article was going to be in response to an incident that happened a few days back with some teenagers. And it was disturbing because you find more and more of these incidents coming to light, not to mention the disturbing incidents that we don’t know about. So instead of isolating one incident I decided to talk about the need for Sex Ed in general. Also from a perspective that not much people might even consider, like Sex Ed not only being used to explain the theological side of it but the emotional side and I didn’t really went far into the emotional aspects of sex because I wanted to save it for another article.

So yeah, if you’ve reached this far, thank you for reading. Click around for more original content from myself and the other amazing writers here. I’m trying to post every Tuesdays and Thursdays. And look out for podcast and talk video versions of posts like these to come real soon.