LGBTQA issues have slowly but surely coming to the forefront as matters of
great concern to society and its people today. We have a lot of great people and
leaders to assist in the fight.
One group that has been fighting for a long time now especially through the passion and ambition of young leaders is called the Silver Lining Foundation, a non-profit NGO that act in the interests of Caribbean and regional youths.

As their members steadily grow, there is nothing this diligent group won’t accomplish what they set out to do.
Media, Literature, Public Events, Justice, Hope, Equality and most importantly Help and Safe Spaces. Safe Spaces, not for the purpose of isolation and segregation but as a place where concerns of those who are struggling with their sexuality to speak out and get support. They are in the process of achieving this by working with professional therapists who have an interest in helping with the struggles of many teens today who don’t yet feel safe.

Some of the members of the SLF
Some of the members of the SLF

They have really working hard at what they set out to do. Yes, this is a hard group to snuff out as they’ve been around for almost 5 years now.
Brave and Intimidating to those who don’t wish to uphold the honor of basic human rights. They’ve been around for a while and not going anywhere soon.
But why pick up the cause?

George Kazanjian was found hanging in his room September 11th 2011. Suicide. Through the investigation of a dying letter and an interview with the mother of the high school boy it was speculated that the tragic happening was due to a sour relationship, but later on it was learned that a fear of bullying might have contributed to him taking his own life. A lonely feeling when there is nothing to put your hope in. Bullying, no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation, is not something we should ignore or just idly watch by. We as people in this life must stand together

Because at the end of the day it’s all about ones’ place and safety in this world. No one should have to fear physical and emotional trauma for being themselves, life is hard as it is but with each other we can make it worthwhile. And through Awareness and Understanding, this is what Silver Lining works for.

This group promises to offer Guidance, Support and Help, collaborating with professionals, psychologists and organizations. To establish a system and process of saving those in Domestic and Social dire. This group promises to help teens in need.

SLF Karaoke Event
SLF Karaoke Event

You can find this group anywhere. Online, at schools and at youth conventions. They have films and annual events such as a Day of Silence and a Karaoke and also have their own blog with loads of content online.

So again, what’s their agenda? To fight against bullying and discrimination in hopes of preventing another tragedy. To do this means to ally and to support a change of tolerance and understanding and maybe even Love for our human brother and sisters. Changing the world is no easy task, but being there for each other is and they’re doing. So of course you can too.

If ever you find yourself falling and your heart uncertain, remember that even the darkest of clouds always carry a Silver Lining.