Find them in Bluegrass Long Circular Mall, one of the best watch making companies of all time has finally opened a branch in Trinidad. Swatch is known for making pretty amazing watches for a selective group of people, but they catch our eye here at TeenLink because of how creative and well embodied their designs are.




Our team dispatched to their branch in Long Circular Mall to have a look at the watches and we’re quite impressed by the watches available.

The watches carried by Swatch Trinidad run from an executive and formal appearance to a more eye catching look, inclusive of cheetah prints and bold colours.

swatch store trinidad swatch store tt swatch trinidad

 The watches carried by Swatch Trinidad are of all styles, literally. You can find a watch to go to Church in, to go to a boat cruise in, a beach lime, a marathon, whining in carnival and you can find a watch to go and play football in. They have a watch for everything no joke. The best part of the whole thing is that they’re Swiss made which means its crafted to last forever, and Swatch is world renowned, you’re wearing a status symbol on your wrist. You want that.


IMG_7467 IMG_7485 IMG_7484teenlinktt

 They carry digital watches, analogue watches, apple watch competitors, mechanical watches, and watches that show you the mechanics of the inside (the gold one above is an example).

The Kiosk

We MUST discuss how beautiful this kiosk is. In trinidad, businesses usually settle for less, they don’t go the extra mile to have a premium and exclusive feel for their products being sold. At the swatch Location in BlueGrass Long Circular Mall (the only branch) the setup feels very international, like a place I’d take Amber Rose to go pickup a watch for her baby or something and not feel bad… (You choose your person). Its that nice, its good to see that effort was put into designing an image and we love it.


These little teacup ladies have these hidden watches around their waists, what a piece of detail huh?


We saw these his and her’s gold watches below sitting in the window, I would get one for myself and someone who’d love an expensive watch that costs less than they’d imagine. I dare you to guess a price on ’em actually.



The swirly faced wall art caught our eyes and this watch model is also available for those who’d love to get one on their wrists.


 Our favourite

This watch and display in deserves special attention. At first I didn’t even realise it was 3 watches that stood in this picture and i saw that crazy-cat-tribal purple watch in the middle only. How long did it take you to see them all?

The patterns in this display are really appealing, they’re visually attractive to shoppers honestly. The patterns on the watches especially attract people, and those might just be the watche’s boxes right beside them looking like an art piece. Who in the world though of this? The watches are really beautiful.


If you need the Swatch location again, it’s in Bluegrass downstairs Long Circular Mall, St. James.

Check out the Swatch Trinidad Facebook page for more designs and prices: Swatch

Of course, TeenLink will be here agin soon to do a review of these watches to let you know how much we rate them. Check out the watches and tell us how you like them!

Maybe you should Swatch it up every now and then (I’ll take the heat on that joke ok).


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