Gee… been in an exam and they ask you what are the characteristics of language and then  you sit there with your face looking like:


Us too… And don’t worry we got your back because we have BEEN THERE! Here are the 7 Characteristics Of Language:


Uniquely human – This means that language is used as a means by which only we humans use to

for humans only.


Systematic – Language is governed by many rules, rules, and more rules.


Symbolic – It uses words as a representation of symbols/ideas.


Evolutionary/Maturational/Dynamic – All those apply, they mean that one manifestation

of language changes over time, where new words are coined. We even have examples.


Verbal & Non Verbal – Written and also spoken. Example: Saying “I like you” and even winking.


Non-Intrinsic – This means that you can naturally learn a language. Just like a baby

who grew up with Spanish speaking parents and voila! The child speaks Spanish!


Arbitrary – There is no essential relation to the word used and the meaning conveyed. This just means that context matters.


There you go, now take these 7 characteristics of language and soar through cxc CAPE exams, thank us later ;).

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