Dear Trini People,

With all the talk about “n*gga dis” and “c**lie dat”, I’ve been concerned about what is to happen to us dougla people?

People keep associating race to political parties. Saying that the race of a certain population is what caused a certain party to win. As if that were true. If it were true that one party belongs to the people of one ethnic then what party is there for mixed people?
It’s okay if you don’t believe the chart demographic. They say that Asians make up 1% percent of the population. Yeah right. Not when there’s a new grocery opening up every other building.

Trinidadians are saying that only a certain race will either benefit or experience loss. Nooo. The whole country is hanging in the balance and is going to feel it if the new power mucks up.

And stop crying RACISM whenever you get bad treatment. A guy gets the job over you because he’s the manager’s friend’s sister’s ex’s uncle’s cousin’s son-in-law’s brother from another mother. As if Favoritism is something new and hardly ever has anything to do with race.

The guy in front of you made a bad drive because his hair was a different texture? Hello no. This is Trinidad, our driving sucks in general.

Someone refuses to give you their services because you voted for another party? First of all that’s actually illegal. Secondly that’s not Racism, that’s called being Prejudice which is just as awful but I honestly think you people don’t know the difference and it’s a BIG DIFFERENCE.

A party is a party, not a race. So next time you see Facebook statuses of people backing or bashing a certain party, don’t say “Stop RACISM” cause it’s not. Sometimes it is, but it really isn’t.

We all live together in this multi-ethnically twin island, there are bound to be people who will treat us badly and judge us and trust me there are many more reasons to be judged and it isn’t just race.

If you want to stop Racism, stop it in yourselves first. And if others don’t want to stop it, then that is their loss.

Because Racism does indeed exist, but trust me when i say that it won’t succeed in segregating the good people who work together, lime together and love together. Heck I am a living breathing example of that <3

There is no race, just Trinbagonians, just Humans who “Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve”.

Sincerely, a dougla.


After Party!!~

I wasn’t going to talk about anything like race and politics but everybody was talking about it how could I not? I really wanted to be part of the discussion and give my view about it. I don’t see the bashing of political parties as an attack on race because for one thing it, what happens in politics shouldn’t reflect how someone would feel about a certain race or not. You may think that its Racism but its actually just being Prejudice.

Besides, I say if you have to disagree with someone, let it be to that particular person and their actions alone, not a whole demographic. But it still is interesting to see the many different views people have on the matter and I guess I will be writing more on the topic of Race in relation to a lot of things just to get my views out there but also to get feedback from you.

And speaking of which, write down in the comments below any of your views on the matter whether or not you’ve ever experienced racism towards yourself. There are many things about the topic I left out in the article but I will be including them in talk video adaptations of this coming real soon so send your comments via Twitter or Facebook and