2014 was year of many viral trends, videos, new slang, breakout stars, the whole works! As we come closer to the new year I’ve realised that we have fed into a lot of stupidity for the past year and I would hate for us to bring them into 2015 so here are 5 things that we should leave behind in 2014 that are played out, annoying and just straight up stupid…

1. The word ‘Bae

Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
For example:
  1. Bae I love u so much.
  2. Brian, my bae.
  3. I just made a bae.

Most people think it’s a substitute for ‘babe’ but tbh it means shit nothing. Literally shit nothing. So enough with these annoying quotes ‘bae’ this and ‘bae’ that, just let it go.

2. Almost every female wanting to be an IG model.

If you are an everyday instagram user like myself I’m sure you’re familiar with the following,  “for booking and info please contact”, “Model”. Lol, the mere fact that some of these females have over a 1000 followers and refer to themselves in their bio as models is just so funny to me. You expect me to believe that doing a full photo shoot in the bathrooms at Red Lobster or McDonalds somehow makes you a model? LOL! I’m sorry but uhhh nah boo boo! Try again when your agency isn’t an app or when the mattress in your background isn’t on the floor. The best part about it is that some of these girls aren’t half as hot as they originally look because of the amount of filters they put over themselves. The thirst is real out there and these women will do anything for a new follower, like or comment. Meanwhile they in DM’s begging for shoutouts but hey that’s none of my business.

3. Young Thug


This so called ‘rapper’ got his big break this year with singles such as ‘Danny Glover’, ‘Stoner’ and ‘Lifestyle’. His unique style of rapping in gibberish has sadly been accepted as Rap/Hip Hop. At first I was amused and thought he wasn’t serious but look! Dude was serious! Need I say more? All I’m asking is can we please just leave his career in 2014? Please?

4. Corny Relationship Quotes/Pictures Etc.

Do I really need to be constantly reminded that if he doesn’t treat me right he never will? or that If I’m  in a relationship we should ‘hold each other down’? I mean come on now, it’s almost 2015!  I don’t need social media to tell me how I should behave in a relationship or how my boyfriend should be treating me. Example:

tumblr_me0mwyPncE1rh6dkyo1_500                                                  66ca0b38b4c7747f110d49b390fdac05


Shouldn’t we know this stuff already? Plus some of these don’t even make any sense.  Cease and desist please. Lets leave it in 2014, thank you!


5.Black/White People Be Like

Racial stereotyping has become one of the most annoying ways of comedic relief whether it be on Vine, Youtube, Instagram etc.  There are literally a million other ways to be funny on social networks without having to mention race. Whatever happened to good old jokes that didn’t rely on racial stereotyping?

I could go on about how this is bad for society but thats for another time.

But in the meantime I ask that we all just leave it all behind,




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