So school is over. Finally! You’ve been waiting for this since January. But it’s vacation now and you’re B-R-O-K-E.

Perhaps you got a vacation job so you’re not too worried. Perhaps you saved up a bit during the school term so it’s all good for now. And best case yet, perhaps your parents are still keen on giving you money. Either way, you know your money has limits, it’s only so far so little could go in the space of two and a half months. So what to do?


Well on my quest for this article I’ve been searching vacation ideas online or just asking friends. In all that, I’ve compiled a list of things to do in Trinidad and Tobago with your broke self. These are some of my personal favourites. Price ranges from $0-$100 (in no particular order).


  1. As Trinbagonians, food is a great part of our culture. But when you’re broke and you need something quick and filling, one of the first things that comes to mind is doubles. “But what’s so special about doubles that I’d put this on a vacation to do list?” Well for one, we got to put some ‘respek’ on the doubles.Aside from that, make it interesting. Instead of having doubles at your regular doubles vendor, randomly go midnight to the Doubles Factory in Arranguez. Nothing is better than having doubles at 2 in the morning with your weird friends.
  2. Go by a family/or friends. Have a sleep over, have a party. Or better yet, make it an an all fours lime. Mix Kool Aid and get a $2 pack of popcorn and pop it the traditional way on the stove.37008239
  3. PTSC bus tour for just under $100 you can travel all over the country and appreciate the natural beauty that we have right here on this beautiful island.
  4. Or if you access to private transportation, drive around the island. Rather than having one day’s tour, you can use separate days to spend at one particular point, bathing in the beachers and rivers. Specificially for Trinidadians, I recommend to touch all four corners the island.
    1. Toco (North East)
    2. Icacos Village (South West)
    3. Amoco Jetty – Guayaguayare (South-East)
    4.  Tetron Base – Chaguaramas (North West)


  5. Spend the day on the beach. A lot of people are not keen to traveling to the beach, but desparate times calls for desparate measures. It’s hot, you need a cool down, you have no car, don’t just take a boring bath. Pack your bags, put a cheese paste sandwich in there, hop on a maxi and go. Some beaches provide toilet facilities to rinse off and change. Ofc you’re not going to travel somewhere hilly like Maracus. Personally, Chagville Beach is pretty easy to get to by maxi.fort_king_george
  6.  Go to an historical place and take selfies. Fort King George and Lopinot would give you perfect selfie light. No joke.
  7. Just go liming with friends somewhere. Y’all can take a walk through the mall, go the botanical gardens, have food late night in Queens Park Savannah (and then wake up early the next day to exercise because you know you have a beach lime next week.)

    (Rubber-ding-ding and all)
  8. For just $30 have a visit to the Pitch Lake. Make it interesting, pelt leave a footprint, take pictures, pelt some at your friends…ok don’t do that last one. But being broke don’t mean you have to stay indoors. Become one with nature.
  9. Speaking of becoming one with nature, hiking is a fabulous idea. While you may not have money to go with a well known group of hikers, the vast majority of hills of varying lengths at different parts of Trinidad and Tobago means that you don’t have to go with a particular squad and that you don’t have to spend money to just walk. You may not have a car to go to certain places, but there are also easy access places such as Lady Chancellor Hill or even Lopinot.

  10. Take up one of those free courses that the government offers. Not exactly sure what those are? Check out the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, and Ministry of Community Development. While the course itself might be free, there will be travelling expenses to take up. Now I know what you’re thinking…”More school? During vacation time? Please.” But grab one of your good partners and go. Make it how you want to.
  11. Nothing says free like a good old neighbourhood sweat. Go by the nearest field and play football or cricket and maybe even fly a kite. Ask your grand parents how to make a kite from scratch. You get free fun, spend time with the oldies, and some good home cooked food too.
  12. Or simply, just stay home and chill. Nothing says vacation than just lounging around at home in your underwear anyway. Easy access to food, the toilet, and most importantly, your bed.