Do you think you’re safe browsing naughty sites via Incognito? Think again as your history can still be found even if you clear your history.

Incognito Mode



We would discuss the various methods below as to how this is possible:

According to this article:

  • Browser footprints: Web browsers leave an essentially unique footprint every time you visit a web page, even in Incognito mode . This is well established; many web tools such as Panopticlick will confirm that you give a website lots of information about your computer every time you visit.
  • Global identifiers: Linking your browser footprint on one website to your footprint on another website – or to a previous footprint on the same website – is straightforward. You should think of your browser footprint as a persistent global identifier, and this is particularly true if you don’t take any measures to hide your IP address (eg. a VPN).
  • User tracking: Tracking web users is super valuable, so almost every traditional website that you visit saves enough data to link your user account to your browser fingerprint, either directly or via third parties.
  • Hacking is ubiquitous: We hear about data breaches that involve tangible harm – Target, Anthem, TurboTax and Many Others – but not the (likely great majority) of cases when hackers don’t want additional exposure.

So its always cautious to be careful what you as hackers if able to get your history if malicious software is installed  can even track it to see what exactly you watch and post it on a website which can be bad especially if you are someone who was a high profile.