There were many songs released this year some were reputable, some were crappy and some just didn’t make no damn sense. Either way these songs still managed to have us singing along with their catchy hooks and nonetheless it was an absolute blast to revisit the songs that made us dance, ponder and, of course contemplate their meanings  for over the last twelve months. Please note that these songs aren’t listed in any particular order.

1. 0-100/The Catch Up by Drake

In  “0 to 100” the Canadian rapper speaks of going from zero to one-hundred in order to gain ground on all of his competition. Not only was this song our jam but it became a common phrase to describe certain situations. It was this same record that landed him in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder following a scuffle with old man Diddy over the song’s beat which he claimed Drake stole from him.

 2. Fight Night by Migos

The Atlanta based group rose to fame with their single ‘Versace‘ in 2013 and have been consistent ever since. We may not know what they’re saying at times but we can’t deny they sure do make some catchy hooks!

3. No Flex Zone by Rae Sremmurd

The first single from this rap duo took social media by storm with the catchy phrase ‘No Flex Zone‘ which means,  A territory where you are not allowed to boast or flaunt. The phrase has been overused but nonetheless, the track was remixed by Rappers Nicki Minaj and Pusha T.

4.We Dem Boyz by Wiz Khalifa

With a distinctly trap sound along with Wiz’s Auto-tuned vocals, we all gravitated towards this unique track while dancing as if we were insane.

5. Try Me by Dej Loaf

This was the breakout single for the Detroit based rapper.  The song got a huge bump when Drake quoted a  line from the song in an instagram post.  Despite its mellow production and steady delivery, it is truly one of the hardest and catchiest rap songs of the year.

6. Handsome and Wealthy by Migos 

 One of the more popular songs off of groups No Label 2  mixtape, the uptempo trap sounding song  even got its own MTV music video that definitely turned some heads.

7. Lifestyle by Rich Gang ft. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan 

This is Birdman’s Rich Gang first single since their debut album last year. Thug and Quan brought their unique energy to the record. Although most people couldn’t understand most of what rapper Young Thug said during the chorus, it was that said thing that made the song popular.

8. Yayo – Snootie Wild ft. Yo Gotti

 The success of this single launched Snootie Wild’s Career. Although all he was rapping about was dealing yayo (slang for cocaine) most will say this song goes hard. I don’t know about you but this song definitely had me feeling like ‘All I knew was Yayo!’

9. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

The reigning queen of rap did it again with this chart topping single off her new album The Pink Print. Sampling Sir-Mix-Alot’s 1992 booty anthem, she made it her own with her raunchy lyrics and even racier music video. Minaj had everyone pop, lock and dropping it to this one.

10. IDFWU by Big Sean

 If you had recently broken up with your girl/guy or disliked someone then this song was probably your anthem and may still be.  This Kanye West Produced track caused quite a stir due to the fact that many thought this record was directed to Big Sean’s now ex-fiance Naya Rivera after their messy breakup earlier this year. But hey who cares? It’s catchy right?!

11. Or Nah by Ty Dolla $ign ft. Wiz Khalifa & The Weeknd

 The Taylor Gang member enlists Wiz Khalifa to come through on the DJ Mustard-produced track which abandons the common talk of romance and love, but rather focuses on getting straight to the point—or in this case, the sheets. The sounds of creaking bed springs can be heard subtely guiding the track ,while both Ty, Wiz and The Weeknd take the time to question their potential bed mates about food and weed, making sure the femme fatales can cater to their needs. We’re pretty sure our moms wouldn’t approve but this record is still dope!

12. About the Money by T.I ft. Young Thug

 This single from T.I featuring newcomer Young Thug is definitely one we’ve been bumpin’ since its release earlier this year. Shiiid it had me telling my mom not to call if it wasn’t about the money! Regardless of what we think about him, Young Thug’s hook on this record definitely made it one of the catchiest tunes of the year.

13. Hot N*gga by Bobby Shmurda

 Bobby Shmurda was one of the biggest breakout stars of 2014 and there no doubt about that. This 83 bpm track had everyone and their mommas ‘Shmoney Dancing!’ The song basically was about drugs and guns…you now the usual but that one drop we all waited for at 2:06 mark…B****H CAUGHT A BODY BOUT A WEEK AGO! (WEEK AGO!).  Shmurda then did the  Shmoney Dance (a re-up of the diddy bop) an made it one of the most common dance moves of the year! Sadly Shmurda was arrested earlier this month on multiple charges so the chances of another record from this guy are very slim.

14. Loyal by Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga

Released earlier in March this year, this record definitely said what most men wanted to say…”These hoes ain’t loyal!” One would think that guys would know that already, I mean, come on the songs hook was an oxymoron! Loyal was the fourth single released from the singers sixth studio album X and managed to peak at #1 on the UK charts.

15. Cut Her Off by K Camp ft. 2 Chainz

K Camp followed up his hit single ‘Money Baby‘  with this track. The song is about him having no problems cutting a certain female off while accusing her of being unfaithful to him.  This record was an anthem for everyone who just happened to ‘cut someone off’ after its release.

16. Made Me by Snootie Wild ft. K Camp

This is the second single from his debut extended play EP, Go Mode. Snootie enlists the help of rapper K Camp for the hook and then goes on to rap about how hard he’s worked to get where he currently is at. He has been consistent with his catchy records!

17. Don’t Tell Em by Jeremih ft. YG

This record by American recording artist Jeremih is from his upcoming third studio album, Late Nights. It features rapper YG, and was released as the lead single from the album. The track was a club anthem that dominated the charts throughout the summer and fall 2014. The songs samples vocals from classic euro-dance record “Rhythm is a Dancer” but producer Dj Mustard along with Jeremih and YG managed to turn into one of the catchiest songs of 2014.

 18. All About The Money By Troy Ave ft. Young Lito & Manolo Rose

 New York native rapper Troy Ave definitely brought the heat with this catchy up beat record and there is no denying Troy has a major hit on his hands with this one!

19. CoCo by OT Genasis 

 This breakout single from Busta Rhyme’s Artist OT Genasis had everyone in love with the coco (not literally though lol). Continuosly shouting that he had baking soda made this song even more catchy. Although this record doesn’t really makes sense, it’s still contagious!

20. No Type by Rae Sremmurd

 This is the second official single from the rap duo and it did not disappoint. Yeah we thought they would’ve been a one hit wonder but they certainly came through with this record that proved to be bigger that their debut single “No Flex Zone”. Even though they stated that they had no type then went on further to state the type they liked, we still jammed to this hit regardless.

The beats, the rhythms and the rhymes kept us moving and singing along to the catchy tunes. Let’s hope for even better songs for the new year to come but for the next couple days let continue to enjoy the awesome rap/hip-hop tunes that made 2014 the great musical year it was!