We may all know by now that an Augmented Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Pokemon mobile game is set to come out 2016 for Android and AppleIOS devices. If I never believed in THE doomsday, I am a believer now cause 2016 is the year of the end……. of our wallets and society as we know it. Seriously as if we didn’t already have the mega influx of Super Hero Movies to spend our money on, we have a freaking AR Pokemon game like no other. People gonna leave their jobs, their responsibilities, set off on Bikes in every direction of the world in order to become THE VERY BEST, THAT NO ONE EVER WAS!!!plus

So hold on to your poke balls and strap on your Running Shoes cause here are the Top10 Reasons Why Pokemon GO might go HORRIBLY WRONG! (or at least our own interpretations and expectations)

Number 1. No Actual Pokemon IRL

As much as we would like to actually spot a Pikachu in real life, we can spot these pocket monsters through the lens of our mobile devices. We know this from actual video gameplay from beta testers that show what a pokemon battle is like.


Number 2. Possible Team Rocket Gangs

team_rocketblack_gangstersNot your typical goofy pokemon thugs. I am talking about real gangs coming to steal yo pokemon, steal yo phone, steal yo potions, beat you up. Take all your legendary pokemon, to wreak havoc and to control the world with an army of Charzards. You better start packing if you wanna defend yourself.

farfetch_d_by_ommin202-d61q0deNumber 5. Legendary Pokemon riots.

You saw it in the trailer right? Imagine waiting in the evening for a Chaguramas maxi to go home and somebody screams “MEWTWO EVENT!!!” and everybody just rush out of no where in the middle of
the street holding their phones up in the air like crazy people screaming, bouncing into people and blocking traffic, just being downright noisy. Like Carnival. Obstructing everything and causing confusion and you miss your last maxi to go home. You better hope your Ho-oh knows fly cause getting home otherwise might seem Farfetch’d :3

Number 4. Environment Based Pokemon.wallpaper-scenery-10

We know that the gameplay concept is centred around real life travelling to get to Pokemon but imagine having to go to actual oceans and deserts to find pokemon based on their types. Like having to hike up an actual mountain just to find Charzard. Or swimming out to the middle of the ocean only to find Magikarp. Or just having to always go in the bush just for Pokemon in general, for which we have a lot of. Especially Caroni. I wonder if there is any sugar cane type pokemon? I suppose the travelling and hiking will be nice.

Number 5. Traffic and Road Safety

What if you encounter a wild Pokemon in the middle of the road? What if it’s a legendary Pokemon? What if you want to catch it? You have to decide. Time’s a wasting. A big truck speeding your way. Decisions decisions.

 Number 6. Not being able to Escape a Challenged02a55c864f5412a8021434ea59c7173e3883dafe54b142da7156e09f2e9a6cf

Not only because you don’t want to look weak but what if you literally can’t? There are some persistent trainers out there who wouldn’t mind missing first period. I suggest you don’t make eye contact.

Number 7. Spending a Literal Fortune on Inventory (Pay to Win)tumblr_mzczt7jAUl1qeablwo1_1280

You remember when items used to save you instead of hurt you? Well that’s what its become these days and Free To Play game companies need to make their money too you know! And well technically this is an issue for all MMO’s.

Number 8. Infinite Zubats (Better Stock Up on Repels)

I don’t know how you could not have seen this coming. Cause i did and they’re coming. chousen_zubat_by_raizy-d6e49ei

Repel wore off.

Number 9. Playing with DATA.

I don’t know about you all but this was my biggest thought and was the reason why I couldn’t play INGRESS for too long, cause unless you willing to buy that monthly data plan you gotta find Pokemon in your house where the WIFI is. I don’t know, Trinidad Mobile Companies and Pokemon Trainers gonna have to come together to figure out some special Pokemon GO plan special you could buy or something.

10. Pokemon EXCURSION

There is going to be a lot of these and honestly I can’t wait. I look forward for bands and gangs of Trini Pokemon Trainers, where we can come together as big hard back men and women, making limes to travel places, exploring bushes and trespassing dangerous to all become the very best that no one ever was, POKEMON!!!!2011790964-300x0

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Nintendo)


AfterParty/Bonus Point

Number 11. Losing the Wrist Thingy