She just launches her face into the other woman’s face. The amount of f*cks given is so minuscule you need to watch it more than once. The fight was over the customer’s tax return being prepared in a way that made her upset, but of course, she decides to headbutt the employee over that.

The attacker, Jessica Albitz  told Click2Houston that when she and her husband had their taxes done at the Jackson Hewitt location inside a Deer Park Walmart over the weekend, the unnamed employee was rude to them. The headbutter is pretty lucky the fight was broken up. Sure, she got the first shot in, but she was about to get her ass slayed.

According to Gawker:

“She started talking trash at my husband,” Albitz said.

So she came back the next day “to do some shopping,” and just happened to spot the employee sitting in her cubicle. She claims the employee started the confrontation by “mumbling some profound language.”

“I hope I broke her nose,” Albitz told Click2Houston. “I hope she has two black eyes, and I hope she remembers me for the rest of her life.”

Although neither side is pressing charges, Albitz has been permanently barred from going back to the store.

The wild head-butter is now banned from that Walmart location [as if she can’t go anywhere else lol], but learn from this people. Don’t go around headbutting, or launching your face into people.

Interview with the attacker:

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