Just when you thought these police brutality stories would lighten up due to protests and social media, a dancer for Ellen show was grappled and thrown to the floor, while having expletives hurled at him, just because he was dancing.

The man, Alexander BOK is guilty of dancing while black. he was filming a video for The Ellen Show to have his viral dance dare featured, was infront of switched off and parked police vehicle when the cops came out and surrounded him. His attached microphone recorded the dialogue.

Officer: “Are you f–king kidding me? What’s wrong with you?”

BOK: “I’m dancing.”

You can hear the fear in his voice when the cops approach him.

Officer: “What are you dancing in the street for?”

An officer’s hand appears to grab BOK’s neck. An officer asks again, “What the f–k is wrong with you?”

The officers then swarmed the man and continued to grab his neck choking him, eventually throwing him to the asphalt.

The person recording the video caught up with the man afterwards checking on him if he was okay, but the dancer was disheveled.

This, everyone, is exactly why protests happen when racial injustices happen within society. It is pretty real.