Ive never seen anything like this before. After a cop car chased a felon driving a Dodge Challenger along a highway in Dallas, the getaway driver smashed into a van at a stoplight and the owner of the minivan went batshit crazy, starting to grab the man out of the vehicle and throwing hands.

“my goodness”

“ooh, ooh!”

“oh no, oh no”

“Lets watch what happens here”

“Something I’ve never seen before the driver and the passenger got out the car and stopped there person fleeing from police, they gra- they grabbed him immediately”

What caused the police to be chasing the Dodge with helicopters in tow is unclear, but the video on youtube is really bizarre and props to the woman tackling the man who smashed into her car and dragging him on the street with her friend. I like her, if some guy rear-ended my vehicle at a stoplight I’d be heated too, tf?? light him up!! The kid who ran out the car and started convulsing on the sidewalk… was he ready to fight too? The kid looks like he wanted to fight and I’m with him, but when he dropped and started to wiggle like khia was instructing him to reach for his neck and back I got confused.

Props to you family, y’all the real MVP’s.


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