TeenLink JP & Ish decided to attend the Government (job) opportunity fair in the Queen’s Park Oval – Digital Corporate box, to give you guys some coverage on what went down. It’s created by YoPro and they have many more to come!


A little background on what me and Ishmael went to is that It’s a job opportunity workshop/fair, but for young people! YoPro is the host of the event and they cater to young adults to build their careers by networking, finding mentors and gaining major exposure to the real world.

People like me and you would be into that stuff… and maybe you’re a bit older while reading this but thats okay, there’s ton of jobs out there for us all.

On the other side though, too many people seem to not have jobs or “cah fine a wuk”.

I don’t know what the hell these people are talking about.

People are PAYING to have booths to employ you on the spot.

Get up.

With that being said. Here’s who we saw at the fair.

GHRS – Government Human Resource Services

CNGC – Compressed natural gas company
SBCS – School of Business and Computer science
Eve Anderson – It’s a company not a person
Arthur Lok Jack School of Business

We spoke to each of them to find out what they had to offer for you guys, and to the people at YoPro’s event.

Eve Anderson

Eve Anderson booth
This is not Eve Anderson

One of the first places we spoke to, an HR company. What they do for you is optimize your chances of being employed pretty much. They had a really attractive booth with flyers everywhere that simplify the process that you’d go through. Basically you send in your resume and they do the rest.
This is a place for recent college graduates I’d recommend, it’s usually corporate places that run to HR firms for employees so don’t take it with a grain of salt.
Eve Anderson specifically asked on flyers that candidates should send their resumes to


They showed us some lovely work from SBCS!

This is place which unleashes the creativity for ALL their students! We had a wonderful time speaking to SBCS not only because they are a young and energizing school who provides career guidance and several pathways for you to expand your career. We were shown a short film which the students at sbcs shot and edited and even a series of books like “Ty the Pooteegal Tree” where the art and all content was put together by the students ranging from around 18-30. Interested in learning more about SBCS? Checkout their website at



Digicel is so friendly I promise, they even gave us free umbrellas lol.

Who doesn’t know Digicel? Yeah they’re known as a phone giant but did you know they also own Loop that news company?
Digicel was at YoPro’s event to encourage people to come out for jobs as there are so many roles to fill, from customer care reps, to managers allover. The culture at Digicel seems like an extremely fun one too! They had games back at their office which we couldn’t play though because hey, we don’t work there, but maybe you could if you tried! Give Digicel a call and checkout the opportunities they have for you. Digicel is offering tons of jobs with major growth for all the young adults out there so give them a call ASAP.


Even if I can’t work at Sagicor can I be their friend? Mr. Aanensen taught us a lot about insurance!

Too many of us don’t know what in the world Insurance is!
Generally speaking, you pay a small monthly/yearly fee for someone to pay for your expenses in the event an accident happens. As young adults and teens we usually get risky while we’re this age so it’s a tricky game to not even be covered in the first place. Sagicor not only wanted to offer insurance for us (even though they know you throw away those forms at school sometimes!) but they have roles for you as well. Jobs at sagicor range from entry level with little experience to higher roles as well. Give them a call and be friendly to take the next step in your career.

Arthur Lok Jack 

The hilarious lady also has a psychology background, she even invited us to their next event!

It’s known to be a school of business but a little known fact is that Arthur Lok Jack School of Business hosts several seminars to nurture those who need career and overall guidance. Maybe at home theres no figure to really lead you unto careers or education paths, or even to teach you social tips and growth skills. It’s a wonderful place to go to see their workshops, typically held in the summer. Another one is coming up soon so we’d update you. When you’re ready to study for your MBA it’s also the place to be as Arthur Lok Jack could be a super easy fit for you as long as you’re serious about your career.


That’s me and Ishmael! No clue who took this mysterious shot.

This was our faaavoorite place! Why?
They were completely automated, a modern feature we honestly appreciate. GHRS is an HR company that stores your information on your resume and updates it instantly as time goes by. It’s like a timestamp of all the work you don’t and you can access it on their site to test it out.
Not only that, they really put you first young people, they want you to get out and be successful and have jobs, they want to help, so don’t make an excuse, please go out and try!
Interested in their workshops? Check their Facebook
Its free!


We’re looking forward to the next event by YoPro which should be around September. You can contact each company directly for more information. This post is not an endorsement of any business but simply a way for us to acknowledge the opportunities out there for all of us!

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