Getting tired of replying to multiple chats on your phone? WhatsApp recently introduced a welcomed app for the Desktop called WhatsApp for Desktop. This nifty program allows you to answer and reply to whatsapp messages on your desktop for added convenience while your phone charges or if you don’t feel like using your phone to reply.

WhatsApp desktop app initially requires you to scan a QR code using your mobile phone in order to access your messages and conversations.

The desktop app will pull up all of your conversations, deliver any new messages and allow you to start new chats or search your current conversations. You’ll also get access to your profile, along with some basic settings and any archived chats. It just makes replying to messages faster and easier as you have a bigger screen and a full fledged physical keyboard.











How the desktop app looks.

If you would like to download the app click the link below.


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Ishmael Moreno

Ishmael is a young technology junkie who has a passion for game dev and animation. He believes that people need to be aware of the latest trends in technology as well as the dangers that lurk behind the cyber world.