Edges, oh edges, where art thou edges? Will thy edges ever return? Celebrities are blessed with fame and fortune. They’ve got lawyers, managers, agents, chefs, 3 nannies, assistants, drivers, jets, butlers, trainers, bodyguards of 5, assistants and stylists are they satisfied?¹

Here’s a list of celebrities whose edges are no where to be found:

1. Naomi Campbell

Before her edges went missing they were laid in all their glory…


After… *cue horror movie music*



After years of modelling and continuously wearing different wigs and weaves, her edges packed up and left. They have yet to return to Naomi’s scalp but if you know the whereabouts of Ms. Campbells edges please contact Teenlink ASAP.

2. Tamar Braxton

Before her edges were diminished…




Now Tamar has blamed her edge-less-ness on her previous pregnancy but we here at teenlink are pretty sure those horrible lacefront wigs are to blame for her busted edges.

3. Azealia Banks

Before her edges disappeared they were LAID


But now uhh….WHERE DEY  AT THO?

azealia banks

Azealia we love you but please…we dont want you wasting time chasing your edges.

4. Venus Williams

Before her edges went MIA




Venus whats going on with these busted edges? Please do better.

Don’t think we forgot about the men…

Truth be told there’s only one man that made the list,  not only is he known for his basketball skills but also for his infamous hairline… he is none other than *drum roll*

4. Lebron James

Teenlink had to do some deep digging to find a before picture of Mr. James’ hairline:



And here’s a timeline of it with a headband on in EVERY picture lol:

images (9)

Look, we understand that bron bron doesn’t want to shave his head but if he continues this will surely be him in the future..






Lets have a moment of silence for all the edges and hairlines that didn’t make it to 2015…we’ll see yall at the crossroads.