Windows 10 has finally arrived with its array of new features and improvements from its predecessors, we go through the features and explain why it’s the best Windows since XP and 7.

Start Menu is Back! – Not many people liked when Microsoft removed the Start Menu in Windows 8 causing a lot of heavy criticism and backlash as most users were more than accustom with the start menu. However, the new start menu still has the classic elements with touch of metro from Windows 8.Clicking the tiles now no longer carries you into the full screen vortex of annoyance, instead all the metro apps are windows like normal programs and have been proven to be useful.

Windows 10 Start Menu





Action Center replaces Charms Bar– Newly improved notification center where you can manage your notifications in one place as opposed to the infamous charms bar where you had to swipe to the right as well as in Windows 8 the notifications would show for a brief moment then disappear. Also one thing to note is the performance improvements in Windows 10 feels more snappy and responsive when running apps. Windows 7 users would gladly love this upgrade as windows 7 being six years old feels a bit bloated and clunky.

Windows 10 Action Center




Cortana: Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant– If you are familiar with Siri (iOS) or Google Now (Android), Microsoft’s version of their digital assistant named Cortana makes the jump to PC. You can start her up by either typing in the search box on the taskbar or issuing a command saying “Hey Cortana”, Cortana would be able to set up appointments, do reminders, assist in searches and the list goes on. This seems to be a smart move for Microsoft as digital assistants are not common on desktops as compared to mobile devices. However it is recommend that you have a proper and highly functioning microphone in order to use Cortana else she would not hear you clearly.

Windows 10 Cortana





Goodbye Internet Explorer Hello Microsoft Edge-Like anyone else I didn’t use Internet Explorer much unless it was absolutely necessary , Microsoft knew how bad the reputation was for Internet Explorer and as such decided to build a new browser from the ground up. The new browser is integrated with Cortana and has handy features such as Digital inking which lets you make a website and share it with others, Reading View which allows you to stash articles in a reading list for later. Microsoft Edge feels a bit lighter as compared to Chrome and can even use the same add-ons.However it still needs work as some users including myself experienced a few crashes and hiccups but nothing too major.

Microsoft Edge




Other notable features include:

Virtual Desktops– A highly welcomed feature which allows you have multiple virtual desktops where you can organize them to your liking. Example Desktop 1 for Work, Desktop 2 for Media.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop





Xbox app– For you Xbox lovers out there the new app lets you manage all your friends, chat, invite them to party and more. However the main new feature of this Xbox is the ability to remote play with your Xbox one. Kudos to Microsoft!

Windows 10 Xbox App





  • The Start Menu is back
  • A worthy upgrade Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Fixes the missing desktop experience in Windows 8
  • Cortana is powerful and useful


  • Tablet Mode still has some issues
  • Persistent nag to use Microsoft account