Zayn is back my loves, and let me say, he is back hot and sweaty.
I’m aware that his new video; “Pillow Talk” was released Friday. At first honestly, I was a little reluctant about  this. I wasn’t sure whether this was worthy for my readers.
However, Zayn Malik has done himself wonders with this song release.

My First comment is on the lyrics of the song.
And I would love to elaborate on what i love about the lyrics, but honestly. All I will say is that; “Zayn went from a band boy to a bad boy rel quick…”

And Zayn Darling…”Yasssssssssss”. Zayn Looks as hot as ever in this music video.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

But Really, Zayn looks pretty hot:

Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit F

And of course I won’t forget his lovely girlfriend. Gigi Hadid. She looked absolutely stunning, ravishing, alluring. She truly looked breathtaking in the stills of the video, Pillow Talk.


12666235_1081962905181363_1170270839_n 12650177_1081962921848028_511725032_n

To no surprise the sexual tension between these two was strong. I suppose there was no “tension” really. Considering that they were making out in every 10 frames or so. Then again the song is titled “Pillow Talk”.

Zayn Pillow Talk
And again
Trust me, i can go on

Nonetheless, other than the extreme make-out  session between the two, in general, they looked great together.

12665669_1081963008514686_278265455_n 12659636_1081963011848019_1606105892_n

The camera captured their love and sexual desire perfectly. Which was great considering that the song is just one big sexual innuendo.
Honestly though Kiddies, this is not the Zayn Malik we met in 2010.  If you aren’t ready to hear Zayn spit the F-bomb,and subsequently “stick his tongue” down Gigi’s throat then, this is not your cup of tea. Trust me. It’s called “Pillow Talk” for a reason people!

This entire song, I swear to you, was an acid trip. It was exhilarating and much, yet just enough of “strange”.


12660286_1081962875181366_2041794392_n 12659722_1081962968514690_866751014_n

12650393_1081962895181364_359374572_n 12647731_1081962961848024_1717262672_n12625816_1081963005181353_1655417092_n

Acid. Really.
Okay not really, but it’s some crazy shit.

On a serious note though you guys. Zayn worked wonders with this song, and this girl (myself) has never been bias.

Don’t believe me? Take a listen for yourself.

Was I right or was I right??

Good Luck Zayn with the rest of your Album. I’ll be looking, and I’ll be judging.


xoxo. (via the local gossip girl)